Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Morris Minor"

8x10" oil on canvas panel

I stumbled upon this very cool Morris Minor while walking around trying to find subject matter for the "Paint Burlingame" plein air event. This little English gem is parked in front of the Olde English Garage, probably waiting for a carburetor adjustment. Or perhaps it needs some electrical work. I owned a Jensen Healy back in high school and remember visiting this very garage on more than one occasion. 


Kanna said...

Hi Michael,
So nice to meet you the other day, and as you know... I'm a fan of your work. :) Love the cars, simple shapes, loose brushwork, strong compositions. Any chance you're planning to do the paint-out in Davis later this month?

Sue Urquhart said...

I remember that Jensen Healy very well! Love your work - what a pleasant surprise to see that you've become a painter, and a good one at that. Hope there are more vintage motorcycle paintings in your future. I'm self employed making jewelry for a living these days.

Virginia Floyd said...

Very nice Light and shadow on the car and on the garage. I like the bit of orange in the cool painting, too.

Michael Chamberlain said...

Thanks Kanna! I'd love to paint Davis, hopefully I can sqeeze it in.

Hey Sue! Good to hear from you, and yes there will certainly be more vintage cycle paintings in the future. I checked out your jewelry on Etsy, very nice!

Thank for the positive feedback Virginia!