Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Wedges and Blue Bowl" - SOLD

6x6" oil on Gessobord

More orange wedges! Another bowl!

I received an email yesterday requesting some info on the brushes I use. Deb asked: "Could you share with us what type of brush you use for a 6x6 or 8x8 to get these nice fresh looking strokes?" 

As for brushes, lately I've been using a Princeton 6300B size 8 for my 6x6" paintings. I've been attempting to use this size brush for the whole painting. It's pretty big for such small work but it holds a lot of paint and its inability to handle detail forces me to simplify. 

Another key to the fresh stroke look is to use medium to thin your paint.  I use a mixture of 1 part stand oil, 1 part linseed oil, 2 parts mineral spirits. The medium allows you to get good coverage in a single stroke. It's also helpful to paint on Gessobord or gessoed masonite, with the mentioned medium and the smooth surface of the Gessobord you can really lay down some creamy spontaneous looking brushwork.

When I paint on canvas my approach is a bit different. I don't use any medium at all and I tend to use inexpensive Utrecht brights and flats.


Virginia Floyd said...

I really like these orange wedges with the blues. I love the sharp shadows of the wedges, and the grayed shadow side of them. Interesting about using the number 8 brush. That's huge for such a small canvas. I'm going to have to try forcing myself to step up! I really like the loose effect you are getting.

Nancy Colella said...

Thanks for sharing that about the brushes! Funny. I use my "good" bristle brushes when I work on canvas, and the cheap synthetic jobs when on gessoboard. (A la Karin Jurick) I love what you are doing these days...great bold and strong strokes. Also, everyone needs a good electrician! I think that is so cool!

Michael Chamberlain said...

Thanks so much Virginia and Nancy! I'm still working on fighting the urge to pick up my smaller brushes. Every time I do I regret it. As for the bold strokes, my next goal is to maintain the bold strokes when painting larger canvases. I'm going to need bigger brushes and a bigger palette. I'm also going to have to save up for some big tubes of paint!

Wendy Smith Royse said...

Thank you for sharing this information about brushes. I love your work! Could you also share how you pack/ship the work you sell on DPW? How soon after you paint a piece are you able to ship - and what about varnish?

Sorry for all the questions! I’m a beginner and just trying to learn as much as I can.