Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Strawberries and Jadeite Bowl" - SOLD

6x6" oil on Gessobord

Thanks so much for all the comments and suggestions yesterday! Nice to know I'm not the only one struggling with the photography issue.

Well I had a few lovely days in the studio and now I'm back out pullin' wire. I work part-time as an electrician. It's dirty and difficult but I like the guys I work with. Sometimes when I'm crawling under a house, or making my way through blizzard of insulation in a hot attic, I can't help daydreaming of how nice it would be to just paint for a living. 

I suppose the reality is never as simple as we imagine though. Painting everyday certainly presents its own challenges. I'm not sure I'd want to depend on it as my sole means of support. I do my best to keep a good balance. I feel fortunate to have a flexible job that allows me a bit of time to pursue the things I love. Even if I have to stare down a black widow every once in a while.

I should be back to posting in a day or two.


Linda Popple said...

This is really nice, Michael! I always enjoy how you are able to simplify your shapes. And I love seeing your brush strokes!
I'm happy that you continue to paint with a full time job! I love your work! (That sounds selfish, doesn't it?!!):-)

cj roughton said...

I was honored to have you post a comment on my painting 'The Light'. You do such beautiful work!
Thank you

Jerry Stocks said...

Great painting-especially love your brushstrokes.