Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Bottle & Oranges"

I decided to stick with the glass theme. Clear reflective objects can be such a challenge to paint. There's a lot going on. You've got the glass itself, the reflections on the glass and then there's the background. Yikes! It's easy to let your mind overcomplicate things. I keep reminding myself to keep it simple.


Denise Rose said...

Love it! I was just thinking this morning I wanted to try some orange slices, but all I've got here are some dead clementines! Trip to the store! I love the glass bottle. You have the reflections just perfect and believable. It is a lot to think about at one time.

Ann Reyes said...

Very nice, Mike! The translucency in the oranges is awesome!

Michael Chamberlain said...

Thanks for the kind comments!