Thursday, August 30, 2012


8x10 oil on canvas panel

This is a scene from a nearby beach known as the Breakwater. I recently painted a bunch of 8x10 panels, of which this is the first. I must admit it's a bit of an adjustment painting on canvas again after painting on masonite and Gessobord for so long.


Fay Terry said...

Mike, I was so pleased to see your painting today. What a great job on this surfer as well as the beach and ocean with your wonderful brush strokes. I hope you've had a good summer so far.
I'm sure the canvas must seem strange now but it won't take long to adjust.

Michael Chamberlain said...

Thanks Fay! I had a great summer, hope yours has been nice too. I'm using Utrecht canvas panels and you've really gotta scrub the paint in to get coverage. With masonite and Gessobord all it takes is one brushstroke. I really like the look of canvas though, so it's worth the extra effort.