Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Winter Tree"

24x18" oil on canvas

I painted this with a single brush, a big old filbert. After I finished I noticed that it still had an 89 cent price sticker on it. I guess that would explain why it was shedding bristles. It was given to me with a bunch of other mid seventies brushes, most of them worthless, but I had fun experimenting with this one.

I decided to add another to the "From Behind the Wheel" series.


JacMac said...

Really enjoying your "Behind the Wheel" series. I used to live in Calif. and also took pictures as I drove or should I say stuck in bumber to bumber traffic on any highway that had a 80 in it. 880, 680, 580...etc. Then did some highway paintings. I especially like the way you handle a brush and the resulting brush strokes...very painterly.

suzannepaints said...

Great brushwork. I can not part with old brushes either.
Proves again you versatility!