Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Pepper Patrol"

I buy my veggies at a place called Mexicana Produce. They have amazing prices (broccoli florets for 69 cents a pound!!) They also have an inspiring assortment to choose from. I had been eyeing these peppers for a while, they're called wax peppers. I'm not sure what they taste like but I plan to find out after I paint them one more time. I sure hope they don't taste like wax.


Denise Rose said...

Nice greens Mike. I love the angle you painted them from also. I sometimes don't set things up "facing" me like that because I am afaid of not getting the proportions right, but these are great!

LindaHunt said...

Nice job on these peppers. I really enjoy your simplification...you capture the essence in what seems to be so little.

Linda K. Nickles said...

Love your colors, great brushstrokes, and the understated elegance of your work. Very nice!