Monday, February 28, 2011

"Leaning Pear"

I decided to do the DPW Challenge again. I've had a bad cold the last few days and to be honest it's been tough finding the energy to paint. This was a fun and inspiring challenge and a great learning experience. Sometimes it's helpful to experiment with this sort of exercise when you're struggling to get motivated. I kept the colors a bit closer to each other in this effort. 


Virginia Floyd said...

Very nice, Michael! Great job on the values. Lovely brushstrokes. I love the muted background, too.

Douglas Clark said...

I think your cold biew across to Texas, and I caught it. I'm sitting here thinking I ought to paint and not wanting to. I congratulate you on producing another great painting. I always admire how you place your colors on objects. Your paintings always inspire me to keep painting.

Ann Reyes said...

Very nice, Mike! Great color and design.