Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Blue Bowl" - SOLD

I've been noticing that drawing is getting a bit easier since I've been doing these daily paintings. Bowls, glasses, mugs, anything with a circular opening on top is still a real challenge. I can fuss over the drawing for a long time trying to get it right. Unfortunately painting half a bowl isn't half as difficult as painting the whole thing!

I'm excited about an upcoming show at the Studio Gallery called "Delicious". It's a group show featuring food and drink. I'll be working on some larger donut paintings for the show which I'll post on my blog. They'll also be showing some of my daily paintings, I'll post dates soon!


Denise Rose said...

Love the complementary colors in this one! So cool about the show! Please post photos when yall have the opening since some of us that love your work can't come all the way to California!

Linda Popple said...

Another good reflection in your bowl. I like the colors in your shadows, too.

Looking forward to seeing your larger paintings for the show!

LindaHunt said...

The color combination here is very appealing! I love the clarity and simplicity of your compositions.