Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Polk and Vallejo"

Since my glass painting didn't turn out I figured I'd post a larger painting that I just finished. It's 28x22" which is the largest cityscape I've done. San Francisco is full of amazing architecture and the light is so beautiful this time of year. This painting was exhausting to do! There's a lot of drawing to manage when doing any building, but victorians are in a class by themselves. Another challenge was to make the purple awning look like it was in bright sunlight. Purple is obviously a cool color so usually you'd use it in your shadows. This painting will be included in an upcoming show "Cityscapes" at the Studio Gallery on Polk St.


yasha said...

I like the perspective in this painting Mike and you very cleverly handled the purple color.The play of light and shadows adds a lot of depth to your work.

LindaHunt said...

I am really impressed! You have captured the building's perspective and convincingly portrayed the architecture and kept the paint nice and creamy!!

Linda Popple said...

Really nice! Great job on all the curves and you did a wonderful job with the light! Wish i could see this and others in person!