Friday, January 7, 2011

"Limes" - SOLD

Well I bought a sheet of masonite from Lowe's and cut it up into 6x6" inch squares. You can get a lot of panels out of a 4x8'! Next I applied three coats of gesso, let it dry, and I was ready to go. I've painted on gessoed panels before but found myself a bit frustrated with how the paint handled. It felt good this time around though. I love limes. Ever squeeze em' into Diet Coke? YUM.


Anonymous said...

Nice brushwork! Good luck on your mission.

Michael Chamberlain said...


Denise Rose said...

I love limes too! And I squeeze them into my diet coke all the time. MUCH better than those pre-lime flavored diet cokes to me. Anyway, love the colors on this and the soft background color. Great choice!